Standby roll forward using RMAN incremental backup

Last week I came across a scenario where a standby database went out of synch with the primary and there was a big gap of archive logs to be applied. Instead of rebuilding the standby database from scratch or restoring and applying a zillion archives, we can make use of a feature available from the [...]


Data guard setup and configuration – quick reference

Quick reference to dataguard configuration for the DBAs. The table gives an easy reference on the main attributes of log_archive_dest_n parameter and gives quick concept on the setting. Also, the scenarios where standby redo logs are used to minimize data loss and also to enable real-time apply is discussed.

Configuration Performance Availability Protection Meaning and [...]


Oracle 11g Standby database creation on Unix using RMAN Active database duplication.

Step by Step

1) Activate Force logging on the primary database

In case of unlogged writes to primary database (NOLOGGING  and DIRECT LOAD operations using SQL*Loader),  redo data is not generated.  As the redo required to synch the changes to the standby is not generated, the standby database will not be consistent with the [...]